Our regular events take place on Wednesdays at 4:30 pm in Hochschule Mannheim in building C room 002/003. For irregular events the place and time will be announced in particular.

A list of our planned Events:


28.03.2018 International Buffet


04.04.2018 Information Seminar: Differences between University, Hochschule and Duale Hochschule


11.04.2018 „We are Students-Café“ + PC Pool


18.04.2018 Information Seminar: Portraits of different studies and tour of Hochschule Mannheim


25.04.2018  no meeting


02.05.2018 „We are Students-Café“ + PC Pool


09.05.2018 Information Seminar


16.06.2018  Cooking/ Sugar Feast


20.06.2018 Information Seminar: Theme tables


27.06.2018 Walk and picnic 


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